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2008 Draw

    E. Metcalfe (Pte. Claire)          
  game:S32 at RA2          
  Thursday 1:30pm   H. Brown (GR)        
  Loser to S55          
   H. Brown (GR) game:S40 at GR 4        
    Friday 11:00am   Audrey MacIntyre (RA)      
    P. Thurlow (OH) Loser OUT        
  game:S33 at RA3          
  Thursday 1:30pm  Audrey MacIntyre (RA)        
  Loser to S55          
   Audrey MacIntyre (RA)   game:S48 at RCN1      
      Saturday 11:00am   Audrey MacIntyre (RA)    
    G. Deschenes (RA)   Loser OUT      
  game:S34 at RA4          
  Thursday 1:30pm   S. Julien (CH)        
  Loser to S56          
   S. Julien (CH) game:S41 at GR2        
    Friday 11:00am  M. Lemieux (RA)      
    M. Betts (GR) Loser OUT        
  game:S35 at RA5          
  Thursday 1:30pm  M. Lemieux (RA)        
  Loser to S56          
   M. Lemieux (RA)     game:S52 at CH3    
        Saturday 3:00pm   Audrey MacIntyre (RA)  
    H. Casey (RA)     Loser OUT    
  game:S36 at RCN2          
  Thursday 1:30pm   H. Casey (RA)        
  Loser to S57          
   J. Cook (RICH) game:S42 at CH1        
    Friday 11:00am   A. Taylor (RA)      
    A. Taylor (RA) Loser OUT        
  game:S37 at RCN3          
  Thursday 1:30pm  A. Taylor (RA)        
  Loser to S57          
   D. Urquhart (CH)   game:S49 at OH4      
      Saturday 11:00am  E. Sliter (RA)    
    E. Sliter (RA)   Loser OUT      
  game:S38 at RCN4          
  Thursday 1:30pm   E. Sliter (RA)        
  Loser to S58       game:S54 at RA2  
   S. Warr (CH) game:S43 at CH2     Sunday 9:00am   T. Barker (CH)
    Friday 11:00am  E. Sliter (RA)   Loser OUT  
    B. Keith (CH) Loser OUT        
  game:S39 at RCN1          
  Thursday 1:30pm  R. Boyle (RA)        
  Loser to S58          
   R. Boyle (RA)          
      M. Berube (BUCK)        
    game:S44 at RD1        
    Friday 11:00am   T. Barker (CH)      
    Loser OUT        
     T. Barker (CH) game:S50 at RCN3      
      Saturday 11:00am   T. Barker (CH)    
      J. Inniss (GR) Loser OUT      
    game:S45 at CH3        
    Friday 11:00am  J. Inniss (GR)      
    Loser OUT        
     O. Webster (CH)   game:S53 at CH4    
        Saturday 3:00pm  T. Barker (CH)  
      M Hayes (CV)   Loser OUT    
    game:S46 at GR1        
    Friday 11:00am   M Hayes (CV)      
    Loser OUT        
     B. McAskin (GR) game:S51 at OH2      
      Saturday 11:00am  M Hayes (CV)    
      Rae Donovan (RCN) Loser OUT      
    game:S47 at GR3        
    Friday 11:00am  Rae Donovan (RCN)      
    Loser OUT        
     K. Moon (RA)