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2009 Draw

    S. Chisholm (OCC)            
  game:48 at RD 3            
  Friday 9:00am   S. Chisholm (OCC)          
  Loser to 83            
   M. Kelso (HW) game:56 at RA 5          
    Friday 1:00pm   S. Chisholm (OCC)        
    J. Cook (RICH) Loser to 91          
  game:49 at RD 4            
  Friday 9:00am  J. Cook (RICH)          
  Loser to 83            
   S. Mutart (CH)   game:68 at OH 1        
      Saturday 11:00am   S. Chisholm (OCC)      
    C. Carroll(CV)   Loser OUT        
  game:50 at OH 2            
  Friday 9:00am   C. Carroll(CV)          
  Loser to 84            
   P. McCaig (HW) game:57 at RA 4          
    Friday 1:00pm  C. Carroll(CV)        
    K. Fraser (CH) Loser to 91          
  game:51 at OH 3            
  Friday 9:00am  D. Orth (MAN)          
  Loser to 84            
   D. Orth (MAN)     game:76 at RA 3      
        Saturday 3:00pm   S. Chisholm (OCC)    
    M. Bissell (CH)     Loser OUT      
  game:52 at OH 1            
  Friday 9:00am   N. Hamilton (Lakefield)          
  Loser to 85            
   N. Hamilton (Lakefield) game:58 at RA 2          
    Friday 1:00pm   M. Hums (CP)        
    T. Ananny (RA) Loser to 92          
  game:53 at OH 4            
  Friday 9:00am  M. Hums (CP)          
  Loser to 85            
   M. Hums (CP)   game:69 at CV 2        
      Saturday 11:00am  M. Hums (CP)      
    P. Goodrich (MAN)   Loser OUT        
  game:54 at OH 6            
  Friday 9:00am   D. Young (CH)          
  Loser to 86       game:80 at OH 2    
   D. Young (CH) game:59 at NVN 1     Sunday 9:00am   S. Chisholm (OCC)  
    Friday 1:00pm  K. McKenna (RICH)   Loser OUT    
    K. McKenna (RICH) Loser to 92          
  game:55 at OH 5            
  Friday 9:00am  K. McKenna (RICH)          
  Loser to 86            
   H. Warburton (HW)            
      D. Burgess (RA)          
    game:60 at OH 4          
    Friday 3:00pm   S. Dworschak (GR)        
    Loser to 89          
      game:70 at CH 4        
      Saturday 9:00am   J. Levere (WIN)      
      H. Young (NVN) Loser to 98        
    game:61 at OH 2          
    Friday 3:00pm  J. Levere (WIN)        
    Loser to 89          
     J. Levere (WIN)   game:77 at RA 4      
        Saturday 3:00pm  J. Levere (WIN)    
      S. Sully (RA)   Loser OUT      
    game:62 at RCN 4          
    Friday 3:00pm   E. McCourt (CH)        
    Loser to 90          
     E. McCourt (CH) game:71 at CH 2        
      Saturday 9:00am  E. McCourt (CH)   game:82 at RA 2  
      J. Cameron (RUSS) Loser to 98     Sunday 1:30pm   P. Guay (NVN)
    game:63 at RCN 3       Loser OUT  
    Friday 3:00pm  J. Cameron (RUSS)        
    Loser to 90          
     M. Gillgrass (CV)          
      J. Hayward (RCMP)          
    game:64 at RCN 4          
    Friday 1:00pm   A. Taylor (RA)        
    Loser to 93          
     A. Taylor (RA) game:72 at OH 5        
      Saturday 11:00am   S. Mazzotta (OH)      
      L. Kapron (Lakefield) Loser OUT        
    game:65 at CH 4          
    Friday 1:00pm  S. Mazzotta (OH)        
    Loser to 93          
     S. Mazzotta (OH)   game:78 at RA 6      
        Saturday 3:00pm   P. Guay (NVN)    
      P. Guay (NVN)   Loser OUT      
    game:66 at CH 2          
    Friday 1:00pm   P. Guay (NVN)        
    Loser to 94          
     S. DAmour (HW) game:73 at OH 3        
      Saturday 11:00am  P. Guay (NVN)      
      N. Jordan (RA) Loser OUT   game:81 at OH 5    
    game:67 at RCN 3     Sunday 9:00am  P. Guay (NVN)  
    Friday 1:00pm  N. Jordan (RA)   Loser OUT    
    Loser to 94          
     S. Ferris (RCN)          
        R. Wysocki (RUSS)        
      game:74 at CV 1        
      Saturday 9:00am   D. McRae (GR)      
      Loser to 99        
       D. McRae (GR) game:79 at RA 5      
        Saturday 3:00pm  D. McRae (GR)    
        E. Clemis (RCMP) Loser OUT      
      game:75 at CV 3        
      Saturday 9:00am  E. Clemis (RCMP)      
      Loser to 99        
       H. Hutton (GR)