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2009 Draw

    M. Kelso (HW)            
  game:83 at RCN 1            
  Friday 1:00pm   S. Mutart (CH)          
  Loser to 106            
   S. Mutart (CH) game:87 at CV 3          
    Saturday 11:00am   S. Mutart (CH)        
    P. McCaig (HW) Loser OUT          
  game:84 at NVN 2            
  Friday 1:00pm  P. McCaig (HW)          
  Loser to 106            
   K. Fraser (CH)   game:95 at RA 1        
      Saturday 3:00pm   S. Mutart (CH)      
    M. Bissell (CH)   Loser OUT        
  game:85 at NVN 3            
  Friday 1:00pm   M. Bissell (CH)          
  Loser to 107            
   T. Ananny (RA) game:88 at CV 1          
    Saturday 11:00am  M. Bissell (CH)        
    P. Goodrich (MAN) Loser OUT   game:103 at OH 3      
  game:86 at RA 3     Sunday 9:00am     S. Mutart (CH)  
  Friday 1:00pm  H. Warburton (HW)   Loser OUT      
  Loser to 107            
   H. Warburton (HW)            
      D. Burgess (RA)          
    game:89 at CH 3          
    Saturday 11:00am   D. Burgess (RA)        
    Loser to 109          
     H. Young (NVN) game:96 at RA 2        
      Saturday 3:00pm  D. Burgess (RA)      
      S. Sully (RA) Loser OUT        
    game:90 at CH 1          
    Saturday 11:00am  S. Sully (RA)        
    Loser to 109          
     M. Gillgrass (CV)          
            game:105 at RA 4  
      J. Cook (RICH)       Sunday 1:30pm   S. Ferris (RCN)
    game:91 at CH 1       Loser OUT  
    Saturday 9:00am   J. Cook (RICH)        
    Loser OUT          
     D. Orth (MAN) game:97 at RA 4        
      Saturday 1:00pm   J. Cook (RICH)      
      N. Hamilton (Lakefield) Loser OUT        
    game:92 at RA 2          
    Saturday 9:00am  D. Young (CH) game:101 at CH 2      
    Loser OUT   Saturday 6:00pm   S. Dworschak (GR)    
     D. Young (CH)   Loser OUT      
        S. Dworschak (GR)        
      game:98 at RA 3        
      Saturday 1:00pm  S. Dworschak (GR)      
      Loser OUT        
       J. Cameron (RUSS)   game:104 at OH 6    
          Sunday 9:00am  S. Ferris (RCN)  
        R. Wysocki (RUSS)   Loser OUT    
      game:99 at RA 2        
      Saturday 1:00pm   H. Hutton (GR)      
      Loser OUT        
       H. Hutton (GR)        
      J. Hayward (RCMP)   game:102 at CH 1      
    game:93 at RA 3   Saturday 6:00pm  S. Ferris (RCN)    
    Saturday 9:00am   L. Kapron (Lakefield) Loser OUT      
    Loser OUT          
     L. Kapron (Lakefield) game:100 at RCN 3        
      Saturday 1:00pm  S. Ferris (RCN)      
      S. DAmour (HW) Loser OUT        
    game:94 at RA 1          
    Saturday 9:00am  S. Ferris (RCN)        
    Loser OUT          
     S. Ferris (RCN)