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2009 Draw

    F. Olsen (GR)          
  game:S1 at CH 1          
  Thursday 9:30am   A. McLean (OH)        
  Loser to S32          
   A. McLean (OH) game:S17 at GR 3        
    Thursday 1:30pm   A. McLean (OH)      
    M. Woodley (RA) Loser to S44        
  game:S2 at CH 2          
  Thursday 9:30am  M. Woodley (RA)        
  Loser to S32          
   T. Barker (CH)   game:S25 at RD 4      
      Friday 11:00am   A. McLean (OH)    
    E. Sliter (RA)   Loser to S62      
  game:S3 at CH 3          
  Thursday 9:30am   E. Sliter (RA)        
  Loser to S33          
   B. McAskin (GR) game:S18 at GR 2        
    Thursday 1:30pm  E. Sliter (RA)      
    S. Minogue-Calver (NVN) Loser to S44        
  game:S4 at CH 4          
  Thursday 9:30am  S. Minogue-Calver (NVN)        
  Loser to S33          
   M. Hayes (CV)     game:S29 at NVN 1    
        Saturday 9:00am   D. Lamoureux (OH)  
    J. Wathier (RCMP)     Loser to S65    
  game:S5 at OH 2          
  Thursday 9:30am   J. Wathier (RCMP)        
  Loser to S34          
   M. McCann (RA) game:S19 at GR 1        
    Thursday 1:30pm   J. Wathier (RCMP)      
    C. Burnside (GR) Loser to S45        
  game:S6 at OH 3          
  Thursday 9:30am  C. Burnside (GR)        
  Loser to S34          
   J. Scharf (CH)   game:S26 at RD 2      
      Friday 11:00am  D. Lamoureux (OH)    
    D. Lamoureux (OH)   Loser to S62      
  game:S7 at OH 4          
  Thursday 9:30am   D. Lamoureux (OH)        
  Loser to S35          
   L. Stacey (NVN) game:S20 at GR 4        
    Thursday 1:30pm  D. Lamoureux (OH)      
    K. Moon (RA) Loser to S45        
  game:S8 at OH 5          
  Thursday 9:30am  V. Van Horne (Lacolle)        
  Loser to S35          
   V. Van Horn (Lacolle)       game:S31 at RA 3  
          Sunday 9:00am   B. Morris (OCC)
    N. Barthelette (RICH)       Loser OUT  
  game:S9 at OH 1          
  Thursday 9:30am   N. Barthelette (RICH)        
  Loser to S36          
   S. Greig (RA) game:S21 at CH 2        
    Thursday 1:30pm   M. DesRosiers (GR)      
    M. DesRosiers (GR) Loser to S46        
  game:S10 at OH 6          
  Thursday 9:30am  M. DesRosiers (GR)        
  Loser to S36          
   E. Metcalfe (Pte Claire)   game:S27 at RD 5      
      Friday 11:00am   A. MacIntyre (RA)    
    A. MacIntyre (RA)   Loser to S63      
  game:S11 at RA 1          
  Thursday 9:30am   A. MacIntyre (RA)        
  Loser to S37          
   M. Laviolette (NVN) game:S22 at CH 3        
    Thursday 1:30pm  A. MacIntyre (RA)      
    M. Betts (GR) Loser to S46        
  game:S12 at RA 2          
  Thursday 9:30am  S. Julien (CH)        
  Loser to S37          
   S. Julien (CH)     game:S30 at NVN 3    
        Saturday 9:00am  B. Morris (OCC)  
    L. Graham (RCN)     Loser to S64    
  game:S13 at RA 3          
  Thursday 9:30am   R. Moore (CH)        
  Loser to S38          
   R. Moore (CH) game:S23 at CH 4        
    Thursday 1:30pm   G. Deschenes (RA)      
    G. Deschenes (RA) Loser to S47        
  game:S14 at RA 4          
  Thursday 9:30am  G. Deschenes (RA)        
  Loser to S38          
   S. Anderson (CV)   game:S28 at RD 3      
      Friday 11:00am  B. Morris (OCC)    
    H. Brown (GR)   Loser to S63      
  game:S15 at RA 5          
  Thursday 9:30am   M. Berube (BUCK)        
  Loser to S39          
   M. Berube (BUCK) game:S24 at CH 1        
    Thursday 1:30pm  B. Morris (OCC)      
    B. Morris (OCC) Loser to S47        
  game:S16 at RA 6          
  Thursday 9:30am  B. Morris (OCC)        
  Loser to S39          
   M. McCallum (RA)