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2010 Draw

    Brenda Muir DARA            
  game:1 at GR1            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Vicky Barrett SUD          
  Loser to 48            
   Vicky Barrett SUD game:17 at RA2          
    Friday 9:00am   Vicky Barrett SUD        
    Diane Burgess RA Loser to 64          
  game:2 at GR4            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Diane Burgess RA          
  Loser to 48            
   Marlene Chartrand RUSS   game:33 at RCN2        
      Friday 1:00pm   Vicky Barrett SUD      
    Doreen O'Sullivan NAVY   Loser to 111        
  game:3 at GR3            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Bonnie Orchard RICH          
  Loser to 49            
   Bonnie Orchard RICH game:18 at RA1          
    Friday 9:00am  Bonnie Orchard RICH        
    Kathy Fraser CH Loser to 64          
  game:4 at GR2            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Jacinthe Murray HUD WHIT          
  Loser to 49            
   Jacinthe Murray HUD WHIT     game:41 at GR2      
        Saturday 9:00am   Vicky Barrett SUD    
    Sandra Chisholm OTT     Loser to 114      
  game:5 at CV1            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Sandra Chisholm OTT          
  Loser to 50            
   Sylvia Ferris NAVY game:19 at RA3          
    Friday 9:00am   Maelane Hums CP        
    Prescille Goodrich MAN Loser to 65          
  game:6 at CV2            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Maelane Hums CP          
  Loser to 50            
   Maelane Hums CP   game:34 at CH1        
      Friday 1:00pm  Maelane Hums CP      
    Linda Kapron LAKEFIELD   Loser to 111        
  game:7 at CV3            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Linda Kapron LAKEFIELD          
  Loser to 51            
   Regina Blohon CH game:20 at RA4          
    Friday 9:00am  Linda Kapron LAKEFIELD        
    Sharon Foley CV Loser to 65          
  game:8 at RCN1            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Kelly McKenna RICH          
  Loser to 51            
   Kelly McKenna RICH       game:45 at RA5    
          Saturday 1:00pm   Vicky Barrett SUD  
    Kelly McCabe RCMP       Loser to 118    
  game:9 at RCN3            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Kathryne Jessup CH          
  Loser to 52            
   Kathryne Jessup CH game:21 at RA5          
    Friday 9:00am   Kim Nelson RUSS        
    Mary-Stewart Ross RA Loser to 66          
  game:10 at RCN2            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Kim Nelson RUSS          
  Loser to 52            
   Kim Nelson RUSS   game:35 at CH3        
      Friday 1:00pm   Maureen Harris NAVY      
    Elizabeth Judge HUD WHIT   Loser to 112        
  game:11 at RCN4            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Elizabeth Judge HUD WHIT          
  Loser to 53            
   Holly Hutton GR game:22 at RD2          
    Friday 9:00am  Maureen Harris NAVY        
    Maureen Harris NAVY Loser to 66          
  game:12 at RA            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Maureen Harris NAVY          
  Loser to 53            
   Susan Sagar CV     game:42 at CV2      
        Saturday 9:00am  Maureen Harris NAVY    
    Liz Clemis RCMP     Loser to 114      
  game:13 at RA2            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Dawn Kish NGREN          
  Loser to 54            
   Dawn Kish NGREN game:23 at RD1          
    Friday 9:00am   Bev Mason NAVY        
    Bev Mason NAVY Loser to 67          
  game:14 at RA            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Bev Mason NAVY          
  Loser to 54         game:47 at RA3  
   Gini Funnell CH   game:36 at NVN4     Sunday 1:30pm   Vicky Barrett SUD
      Friday 1:00pm  Bev Mason NAVY   Loser OUT  
    Greta McGann MORR   Loser to 112        
  game:15 at RA4            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Barbara Thompson-Walker GR          
  Loser to 55            
   Barbara Thompson-Walker GR game:24 at RD5          
    Friday 9:00am  Susan Smith RICH        
    Susan Smith RICH Loser to 67          
  game:16 at RA5            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Susan Smith RICH          
  Loser to 55            
   Deborah Orth-Brown MAN            
      Kim Cunningham PTE CL          
    game:25 at RCN1          
    Friday 11:00am   Terry Ananny RA        
    Loser to 60          
     Terry Ananny RA game:37 at OH5        
      Friday 3:00pm   Terry Ananny RA      
      Nathalie Boucher RID Loser to 74        
    game:26 at RCN2          
    Friday 11:00am  Nathalie Boucher RID        
    Loser to 60          
     Carole Tetreault GR   game:43 at RA4      
        Saturday 9:00am   Sandi Mutart CH    
      Deb Waller ORMS   Loser to 115      
    game:27 at RCN3          
    Friday 11:00am   Deb Waller ORMS        
    Loser to 61          
     Raja Wysocki RUSS game:38 at OH3        
      Friday 3:00pm  Sandi Mutart CH      
      Leslie Ryan ROYALS Loser to 74        
    game:28 at RCN4          
    Friday 11:00am  Sandi Mutart CH        
    Loser to 61          
     Sandi Mutart CH     game:46 at RA1    
          Saturday 1:00pm  Sandi Mutart CH  
      Alison Summers WIN     Loser to 117    
    game:29 at RA2          
    Friday 11:00am   Alison Summers WIN        
    Loser to 62          
     Barb Westgarth REN game:39 at RCN1        
      Friday 3:00pm   Alison Summers WIN      
      Madeline Bissell CH Loser to 75        
    game:30 at RA3          
    Friday 11:00am  Anne Dean HUD WHIT        
    Loser to 62          
     Anne Dean HUD WHIT   game:44 at GR4      
        Saturday 9:00am  Maureen Brodeur GR    
      Heather Young NVN   Loser to 115      
    game:31 at RA4          
    Friday 11:00am   Maureen Brodeur GR        
    Loser to 63          
     Maureen Broder GR game:40 at RCN2        
      Friday 3:00pm  Maureen Brodeur GR      
      Andrea Leganchuk RID Loser to 75        
    game:32 at RA5          
    Friday 11:00am  Sandi Mazzotta OH        
    Loser to 63          
     Sandi Mazzotta OH