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2011 Draw

    Marlene McCallum RA          
  game:S32 at RA2          
  Thursday 1:30pm   Marlene McCallum RA        
  Loser to S55          
   Nancy Barthelette RICH game:S40 at GR4        
    Friday 11:00am   Linda Ellyett PTE CL      
    Susan Greig RA Loser OUT        
  game:S33 at RA3          
  Thursday 1:30pm  Linda Ellyett PTE CL        
  Loser to S55          
   Linda Ellyett PTE CL   game:S48 at RCN1      
      Saturday 11:00am   Linda Ellyett PTE CL    
    Lois Graham NAVY   Loser OUT      
  game:S34 at RA4          
  Thursday 1:30pm   Lois Graham NAVY        
  Loser to S56          
   Maureen Hayes CV game:S41 at GR2        
    Friday 11:00am  Lois Graham NAVY      
    Pat Brigham GR Loser OUT        
  game:S35 at RA5          
  Thursday 1:30pm  Pat Brigham GR        
  Loser to S56          
   Monique Laviolette NVN     game:S52 at CH3    
        Saturday 3:00pm   Lynn Stacey NVN  
    Helen Handling RA     Loser OUT    
  game:S36 at RCN2          
  Thursday 1:30pm   Helen Handling RA        
  Loser to S57          
   Bev McAskin GR game:S42 at CH1        
    Friday 11:00am   Lynn Stacey NVN      
    Joanne Wathier RCMP Loser OUT        
  game:S37 at RCN3          
  Thursday 1:30pm  Lynn Stacey NVN        
  Loser to S57          
   Lynn Stacey NVN   game:S49 at OH4      
      Saturday 11:00am  Lynn Stacey NVN    
    Eleanor Metcalfe PTE CL   Loser OUT      
  game:S38 at RCN4          
  Thursday 1:30pm   Eleanor Metcalfe PTE CL        
  Loser to S58       game:S54 at RA2  
   Margaret Woodley RA game:S43 at CH2     Sunday 9:00am   Fran Olson GR
    Friday 11:00am  Eleanor Metcalfe PTE CL   Loser OUT  
    Leith Mullin GR Loser OUT        
  game:S39 at RCN1          
  Thursday 1:30pm  Leith Mullin GR        
  Loser to S58          
   Rose Moore CH          
      Carolyn Daniels CH        
    game:S44 at OH1        
    Friday 11:00am   Monique DesRosiers GR      
    Loser OUT        
     Monique DesRosiers GR game:S50 at RCN3      
      Saturday 11:00am   Monique DesRosiers GR    
      Catherine Burnside GR Loser OUT      
    game:S45 at CH3        
    Friday 11:00am  Catherine Burnside GR      
    Loser OUT        
     Elizabeth Sliter RA   game:S53 at CH4    
        Saturday 3:00pm  Fran Olson GR  
      Simone Julien CH   Loser OUT    
    game:S46 at GR1        
    Friday 11:00am   Louise Cournoyer GR      
    Loser OUT        
     Louise Cournoyer GR game:S51 at OH2      
      Saturday 11:00am  Fran Olson GR    
      Fran Olson GR Loser OUT      
    game:S47 at GR3        
    Friday 11:00am  Fran Olson GR      
    Loser OUT        
     Sheila Minogue-Calver NVN