Crystal Heart Curling Classic Women's Bonspiel Banner

    Cheryl Carrol CV            
  game:1 at GR1            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Susan Nicol Lachine          
  Loser to 64            
   Susan Nicol Lachine game:33 at OH2          
    Friday 9:00am   Susan Nicol Lachine        
    Judy Somerville Hunt/Winchester Loser to 88          
  game:2 at GR4            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Judy Somerville Hunt/Winchester          
  Loser to 64            
   Dawn Brauninger Det/Ard   game:49 at CH2        
      Friday 1:00pm   Truda Baines RCMP/CH      
    BYE   Loser to 131        
  game:3 at GR3            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Heather Young Navan          
  Loser to 65            
   Heather Young Navan game:34 at OH3          
    Friday 9:00am  Truda Baines RCMP/CH        
    Cybele Vlamis RA Loser to 88          
  game:4 at GR2            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Truda Baines RCMP/CH          
  Loser to 65            
   Truda Baines RCMP/CH     game:57 at Navy4      
        Saturday 11:00am   Heather Dufault Rideau    
    Liz Grosz CV     Loser to 157      
  game:5 at Navy1            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Kim Wilson Navan          
  Loser to 66            
   Kim Wilson Navan game:35 at OH4          
    Friday 9:00am   Heather Dufault Rideau        
    Heather Dufault Rideau Loser to 89          
  game:6 at Navy4            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Heather Dufault Rideau          
  Loser to 66            
   Joyce Cameron Russell   game:50 at RID3        
      Friday 1:00pm  Heather Dufault Rideau      
    Brenda Muir DARA   Loser to 131        
  game:7 at Navy3            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Brenda Muir DARA          
  Loser to 67            
   Donna Haley Whitlock game:36 at RA1          
    Friday 9:00am  Sue Stinson Navy        
    Sandra Chisholm OCC Loser to 89          
  game:8 at Navy2            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Sue Stinson Navy          
  Loser to 67            
   Sue Stinson Navy       game:61 at RA4    
          Saturday 3:00pm   Tara Holland Carl Place  
    Mary Anne Bocock GR       Loser to 160    
  game:9 at CH1            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Mary Anne Bocock GR          
  Loser to 68            
   Linda Kapron Lakefield game:37 at RA5          
    Friday 9:00am   Raja Wysocki Russell        
    Jocelyne Cote Whitlock Loser to 90          
  game:10 at CH3            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Raja Wysocki Russell          
  Loser to 68            
   Raja Wysocki Russell   game:51 at GR2        
      Friday 1:15pm   Tara Holland Carl Place      
    Kim McDiarmid RA   Loser to 132        
  game:11 at CH2            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Tara Holland Carl Place          
  Loser to 69            
   Tara Holland Carl Place game:38 at RID2          
    Friday 9:00am  Tara Holland Carl Place        
    Cathy Lane OH Loser to 90          
  game:12 at RA2            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Pricille Goodrich Navan          
  Loser to 69            
   Pricille Goodrich Navan     game:58 at Navy3      
        Saturday 11:00am  Tara Holland Carl Place    
    Judy Middlemiss Richmond     Loser to 157      
  game:13 at RA3            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Terri Sinclair Rideau          
  Loser to 70            
   Terri Sinclair Rideau game:39 at RID5          
    Friday 9:00am   Dawn Kish North Gren        
    Dawn Kish North Gren Loser to 91          
  game:14 at RA4            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Dawn Kish North Gren          
  Loser to 70            
   Linda Cox Navy   game:52 at GR4        
      Friday 1:15pm  Jacinthe Murray Whitlock      
    Monique DesRosieres Granite   Loser to 132        
  game:15 at RA5            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Louise Lévesque Navan          
  Loser to 71            
   Louise Lévesque Navan game:40 at OH5          
    Friday 9:00am  Jacinthe Murray Whitlock        
    Jacinthe Murray Whitlock Loser to 91          
  game:16 at RA6            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Jacinthe Murray Whitlock          
  Loser to 71            
   Barbara Thompson-Walker GR         game:63 at RA3  
            Sunday 1:15pm   Tara Holland Carl Place
    Lynne Stacey Navan         Loser OUT  
  game:17 at RA1            
  Thursday 7:00pm   Lynne Stacey Navan          
  Loser to 72            
   Maureen Broder GR game:41 at OH2          
    Friday 11:00am   Lynne Stacey Navan        
    Elaine Panke CH Loser to 92          
  game:18 at CH4            
  Thursday 7:00pm  Elaine Panke CH          
  Loser to 72            
   Susan Hillock Lakefield   game:53 at Navy2        
      Friday 3:00pm   Jennifer Marquis Barrie      
    Cheryl Auclair CV   Loser to 133        
  game:19 at CH1            
  Thursday 9:00pm   Helen Warburton Whitlock          
  Loser to 73            
   Helen Warburton Whitlock game:42 at RA2          
    Friday 11:00am  Jennifer Marquis Barrie        
    Liz McCourt Rid Loser to 92          
  game:20 at CH4            
  Thursday 9:00pm  Jennifer Marquis Barrie          
  Loser to 73            
   Jennifer Marquis Barrie     game:59 at RID3      
        Saturday 11:00am   Jennifer Biemans Manotick    
    Jennifer Biemans Manotick     Loser to 158      
  game:21 at CH3            
  Thursday 9:00pm   Jennifer Biemans Manotick          
  Loser to 74            
   Peggy Guay Navan game:43 at OH3          
    Friday 11:00am   Jennifer Biemans Manotick        
    Wendy Klacko TMR Loser to 93          
  game:22 at RA1            
  Thursday 9:00pm  Wendy Klacko TMR          
  Loser to 74            
   Natalie Boucher Rideau   game:54 at GR1        
      Friday 3:15pm  Jennifer Biemans Manotick      
    Janet McGowan CV   Loser to 133        
  game:23 at RA6            
  Thursday 9:00pm   Janet McGowan CV          
  Loser to 75            
   Carol Walker Miss game:44 at CV2          
    Friday 11:00am  Sharon Clarke Metcalfe        
    Maureen Parry Navy Loser to 93          
  game:24 at CH2            
  Thursday 9:00pm  Sharon Clarke Metcalfe          
  Loser to 75            
   Sharon Clarke Metcalfe       game:62 at RA5    
          Saturday 3:00pm  Jennifer Biemans Manotick  
    Kim Woods Metcalfe       Loser to 159    
  game:25 at GR3            
  Thursday 9:00pm   Kim Woods Metcalfe          
  Loser to 76            
   Pat Taylor Rideau game:45 at OH1          
    Friday 11:00am   Kim Woods Metcalfe        
    Janet Levere Win Loser to 94          
  game:26 at GR2            
  Thursday 9:00pm  Claire Zanetti Lakefield          
  Loser to 76            
   Claire Zanetti Lakefield   game:55 at RA4        
      Friday 3:00pm   Erin Butler Navy      
    Erin Butler Navy   Loser to 134        
  game:27 at GR1            
  Thursday 9:00pm   Erin Butler Navy          
  Loser to 77            
   Joan Williams Pte Claire game:46 at OH4          
    Friday 11:00am  Erin Butler Navy        
    JoAnn Collett CV Loser to 94          
  game:28 at GR4            
  Thursday 9:00pm  Lisa Freeman Kingston          
  Loser to 77            
   Lisa Freeman Kingston     game:60 at CH2      
        Saturday 11:00am  Erin Butler Navy    
    Linda Beaulieu Navan     Loser to 158      
  game:29 at RA2            
  Thursday 9:00pm   Karen Bradley Manotick          
  Loser to 78            
   Karen Bradley Manotick game:47 at CV4          
    Friday 11:00am   Karen Bradley Manotick        
    Olivia Lewis Metcalfe Loser to 95          
  game:30 at RA3            
  Thursday 9:00pm  Kathryn Jessup CH          
  Loser to 78            
   Kathryn Jessup CH   game:56 at GR2        
      Friday 3:15pm  Karen Bradley Manotick      
    Sarah Fletcher CV   Loser to 134        
  game:31 at RA4            
  Thursday 9:00pm   Sarah Fletcher CV          
  Loser to 79            
   Dorothy Lamers Barrie game:48 at OH5          
    Friday 11:00am  Sarah Fletcher CV        
    Heather Burchard Treasury Curling Loser to 95          
  game:32 at RA5            
  Thursday 9:00pm  Louise Lafleur GR          
  Loser to 79            
   Louise Lafleur GR