Crystal Heart Curling Classic Women's Bonspiel Banner

    H. Douglas - Lakefield            
  game:64 at RA2            
  Friday 9:00am   H. Douglas - Lakefield          
  Loser to 111            
   N. Norg - Morrisburg game:80 at CH3          
    Friday 1:00pm   H. Douglas - Lakefield        
    W. Klacko - Whitlock Loser to 123          
  game:65 at RID1            
  Friday 9:00am  W. Klacko - Whitlock          
  Loser to 111            
   H. Dufault - Rideau   game:96 at CV3        
      Saturday 11:00am   H. Douglas - Lakefield      
    C. Auclair - CV   Loser OUT        
  game:66 at RA3            
  Friday 9:00am   C. Auclair - CV          
  Loser to 112            
   C. Cinkant - Rideau game:81 at RID1          
    Friday 1:00pm  J. Murray - Whitlock        
    J. Murray - Whitlock Loser to 123          
  game:67 at RA6            
  Friday 9:00am  J. Murray - Whitlock          
  Loser to 112            
   K. McDiarmid - RA     game:104 at GR4      
        Saturday 3:00pm   D. Ship - Montreal West    
    D. Ship - Montreal West     Loser OUT      
  game:68 at RA4            
  Friday 9:00am   D. Ship - Montreal West          
  Loser to 113            
   D. Bellingham - Navy game:82 at CV1          
    Friday 1:00pm   D. Ship - Montreal West        
    T. Holland - Carl. Place Loser to 124          
  game:69 at RID4            
  Friday 9:00am  T. Holland - Carl. Place          
  Loser to 113            
   J. Williams - Pte. Claire   game:97 at Navy2        
      Saturday 11:00am  D. Ship - Montreal West      
    L. Kapron - Lakefield   Loser OUT        
  game:70 at OH1            
  Friday 9:00am   J. Paterson - OH          
  Loser to 114            
   J. Paterson - OH game:83 at CH4          
    Friday 1:00pm  J. Paterson - OH        
    J. Cameron - Russell Loser to 124          
  game:71 at RID3            
  Friday 9:00am  J. Cameron - Russell          
  Loser to 114            
   L. Tupper - Manotick       game:108 at OCC2    
          Sunday 8:30am   D. Ship - Montreal West  
    C. Carroll - CV       Loser OUT    
  game:72 at Navy2            
  Friday 11:00am   S. Nicol - Lachine          
  Loser to 115            
   S. Nicol - Lachine game:84 at RA6          
    Friday 3:00pm   M. Frigault - Navy        
    C. Tetreault - GR Loser to 125          
  game:73 at Navy3            
  Friday 11:00am  M. Frigault - Navy          
  Loser to 115            
   M. Frigault - Navy   game:98 at CH3        
      Saturday 11:00am   M. Frigault - Navy      
    K. Wilson - Navan   Loser OUT        
  game:74 at Navy4            
  Friday 11:00am   S. Mutart - CH          
  Loser to 116            
   S. Mutart - CH game:85 at RA3          
    Friday 3:00pm  S. Mutart - CH        
    R. Walker - Ottawa Loser to 125          
  game:75 at CV3            
  Friday 11:00am  R. Walker - Ottawa          
  Loser to 116            
   K. Woods - Metcalfe     game:105 at GR1      
        Saturday 3:00pm  J. LaPierre - Winchester    
    L. Fleurant-Beaulieu Navan     Loser OUT      
  game:76 at RA4            
  Friday 11:00am   L. Fleurant-Beaulieu Navan          
  Loser to 117            
   E. Bock - GR game:86 at Navy2          
    Friday 3:00pm   L. Cox - Navy        
    L. Cox - Navy Loser to 126          
  game:77 at RA3            
  Friday 11:00am  L. Cox - Navy          
  Loser to 117         game:110 at RA2  
   H. Warburton - Whitlock   game:99 at CV1     Sunday 1:15pm   D. Ship - Montreal West
      Saturday 11:00am  J. LaPierre - Winchester   Loser OUT  
    J. LaPierre - Winchester   Loser OUT        
  game:78 at CH2            
  Friday 11:00am   J. LaPierre - Winchester          
  Loser to 118            
   M. Parry - Navy game:87 at GR3          
    Friday 3:15pm  J. LaPierre - Winchester        
    J. Marquis - Barrie Loser to 126          
  game:79 at CH3            
  Friday 11:00am  J. Marquis - Barrie          
  Loser to 118            
   H. Birchard - Treasury            
      B. Muir - DARA          
    game:88 at RID5          
    Friday 1:00pm   B. Muir - DARA        
    Loser to 127          
     D. Burgess - RA game:100 at RA2        
      Saturday 9:00am   B. Muir - DARA      
      S. Jellen - RA Loser OUT        
    game:89 at RID4          
    Friday 1:00pm  N. Jordan - Manotick        
    Loser to 127          
     N. Jordan - Manotick   game:106 at OH6      
        Saturday 1:00pm   B. Muir - DARA    
      D. Kish - North Grenville   Loser OUT      
    game:90 at GR1          
    Friday 1:15pm   D. Kish - North Grenville        
    Loser to 128          
     I. Krajcarski - CV game:101 at Navy3        
      Saturday 9:00am  D. Haley - Whitlock      
      H. Young - Navan Loser OUT        
    game:91 at GR3          
    Friday 1:15pm  D. Haley - Whitlock        
    Loser to 128          
     D. Haley - Whitlock     game:109 at OCC4    
          Sunday 8:30am  L. Thomas - Glenmore  
      A. Perry - RA     Loser OUT    
    game:92 at Navy4          
    Friday 3:00pm   J. Middlemiss - Richmond        
    Loser to 129          
     J. Middlemiss - Richmond game:102 at RA3        
      Saturday 9:00am   L. Thomas - Glenmore      
      K. Bradley - Manotick Loser OUT        
    game:93 at GR4          
    Friday 3:15pm  L. Thomas - Glenmore        
    Loser to 129          
     L. Thomas - Glenmore   game:107 at GR2      
        Saturday 1:00pm  L. Thomas - Glenmore    
      V. Morrissette - Buckingham   Loser OUT      
    game:94 at RA5          
    Friday 3:00pm   V. Morrissette - Buckingham        
    Loser to 130          
     C. Gilbert - Richmond game:103 at CH4        
      Saturday 9:00am  V. Morrissette - Buckingham      
      K. Jessup - CH Loser OUT        
    game:95 at RA1          
    Friday 3:00pm  K. Jessup - CH        
    Loser to 130          
     H. O'Byrne - GR          
      game: at        
      Loser to