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    Cheryl Carrol CV            
  game:111 at CV2            
  Friday 1:00pm   Cheryl Carrol CV          
  Loser to 150            
   BYE game:119 at RA1          
    Saturday 9:00am   Donna Haley Whitlock        
    Liz Grosz CV Loser OUT          
  game:112 at RID2            
  Friday 1:00pm  Donna Haley Whitlock          
  Loser to 150            
   Donna Haley Whitlock   game:135 at GR1        
      Saturday 1:00pm   Judy Middlemiss Richmond      
    Jocelyne Cote Whitlock   Loser OUT        
  game:113 at CV3            
  Friday 1:00pm   Kim McDiarmid RA          
  Loser to 151            
   Kim McDiarmid RA game:120 at Navy2          
    Saturday 9:00am  Judy Middlemiss Richmond        
    Judy Middlemiss Richmond Loser OUT          
  game:114 at CH1            
  Friday 1:00pm  Judy Middlemiss Richmond          
  Loser to 151            
   Monique DesRosieres Granite     game:143 at CH2      
        Saturday 6:00pm   Janet Levere Win    
    Susan Hillock Lakefield     Loser OUT      
  game:115 at OH4            
  Friday 3:00pm   Susan Hillock Lakefield          
  Loser to 152            
   Liz McCourt Rid game:121 at Navy1          
    Saturday 9:00am   Susan Hillock Lakefield        
    Natalie Boucher Rideau Loser OUT          
  game:116 at OH3            
  Friday 3:00pm  Natalie Boucher Rideau          
  Loser to 152            
   Carol Walker Miss   game:136 at GR3        
      Saturday 1:00pm  Janet Levere Win      
    Janet Levere Win   Loser OUT        
  game:117 at Navy3            
  Friday 3:00pm   Janet Levere Win          
  Loser to 153       game:147 at OCC1    
   JoAnn Collett CV game:122 at RA4     Sunday 8:30am   Joyce Cameron Russell  
    Saturday 9:00am  Janet Levere Win   Loser OUT    
    Linda Beaulieu Navan Loser OUT          
  game:118 at OH5            
  Friday 3:00pm  Linda Beaulieu Navan          
  Loser to 153            
   Heather Burchard Treasury Curling            
      Cybele Vlamis RA          
    game:123 at Navy4          
    Saturday 9:00am   Joyce Cameron Russell        
    Loser OUT          
     Joyce Cameron Russell game:137 at GR4        
      Saturday 1:00pm   Joyce Cameron Russell      
      Cathy Lane OH Loser OUT        
    game:124 at RA5          
    Saturday 9:00am  Barbara Thompson-Walker GR        
    Loser OUT          
     Barbara Thompson-Walker GR   game:144 at CH3      
        Saturday 6:00pm  Joyce Cameron Russell    
      Cheryl Auclair CV   Loser OUT      
    game:125 at CH1          
    Saturday 9:00am   Peggy Guay Navan        
    Loser OUT          
     Peggy Guay Navan game:138 at OH1        
      Saturday 1:00pm  Olivia Lewis Metcalfe      
      Joan Williams Pte Claire Loser OUT        
    game:126 at CH2       game:149 at RA4  
    Saturday 9:00am  Olivia Lewis Metcalfe     Sunday 1:15pm   Lisa Freeman Kingston
    Loser OUT       Loser OUT  
     Olivia Lewis Metcalfe          
      Heather Young Navan          
    game:127 at CV2          
    Saturday 8:45am   Heather Young Navan        
    Loser OUT          
     Kim Wilson Navan game:139 at OH2        
      Saturday 1:00pm   Pricille Goodrich Navan      
      Pricille Goodrich Navan Loser OUT        
    game:128 at CV1          
    Saturday 8:45am  Pricille Goodrich Navan        
    Loser OUT          
     Louise Lévesque Navan   game:145 at CH4      
        Saturday 6:00pm   Lisa Freeman Kingston    
      Elaine Panke CH   Loser OUT      
    game:129 at RID2          
    Saturday 9:00am   Elaine Panke CH        
    Loser OUT          
     Janet McGowan CV game:140 at OH3        
      Saturday 1:00pm  Lisa Freeman Kingston      
      Lisa Freeman Kingston Loser OUT        
    game:130 at RID3          
    Saturday 9:00am  Lisa Freeman Kingston        
    Loser OUT          
     Kathryn Jessup CH     game:148 at RA1    
          Sunday 9:00am  Lisa Freeman Kingston  
      Susan Nicol Lachine     Loser OUT    
    game:131 at CH3          
    Saturday 9:00am   Sue Stinson Navy        
    Loser OUT          
     Sue Stinson Navy game:141 at OH4        
      Saturday 1:00pm   Sue Stinson Navy      
      Raja Wysocki Russell Loser OUT        
    game:132 at CV3          
    Saturday 8:45am  Dawn Kish North Gren        
    Loser OUT          
     Dawn Kish North Gren   game:146 at CH1      
        Saturday 6:00pm  Sharon Clarke Metcalfe    
      Lynne Stacey Navan   Loser OUT      
    game:133 at RID4          
    Saturday 9:00am   Sharon Clarke Metcalfe        
    Loser OUT          
     Sharon Clarke Metcalfe game:142 at OH5        
      Saturday 1:00pm  Sharon Clarke Metcalfe      
      Kim Woods Metcalfe Loser OUT        
    game:134 at RID1          
    Saturday 9:00am  Sarah Fletcher CV        
    Loser OUT          
     Sarah Fletcher CV