Crystal Heart Curling Classic Women's Bonspiel Banner

    Hilary Casey RA Riv          
  game:S1 at RA3          
  Thursday 9:30am   Hilary Casey RA Riv        
  Loser to S32          
   Ann Anderson GR game:S17 at GR3        
    Thursday 1:30pm   Hilary Casey RA Riv      
    Lois Graham Navy Loser to S44        
  game:S2 at CH2          
  Thursday 9:30am  Patricia Burkett Lacolle        
  Loser to S32          
   Patricia Burkett Lacolle   game:S25 at RA5      
      Friday 11:00am   Christine Henry CH    
    Marnie Lemieux RA   Loser to S62      
  game:S3 at GR1          
  Thursday 8:45am   Christine Henry CH        
  Loser to S33          
   Christine Henry CH game:S18 at Navy2        
    Thursday 1:30pm  Christine Henry CH      
    Dianne Ouellett GAN Loser to S44        
  game:S4 at CH4          
  Thursday 9:30am  Diane Burgess RA        
  Loser to S33          
   Diane Burgess RA     game:S29 at RID4    
        Saturday 11:00am   Christine Henry CH  
    Heather Lonsdale Navy     Loser to S65    
  game:S5 at GR2          
  Thursday 8:45am   Heather Lonsdale Navy        
  Loser to S34          
   Mary BetTS GR game:S19 at CH4        
    Thursday 1:30pm   Iris Krajcarski CV      
    Iris Krajcarski CV Loser to S45        
  game:S6 at GR3          
  Thursday 8:45am  Iris Krajcarski CV        
  Loser to S34          
   Karen Vandenhoven RA Riv   game:S26 at OH4      
      Friday 1:00pm  Anne Howard Pte Claire    
    Therese D'Aoust Ch   Loser to S62      
  game:S7 at RA4          
  Thursday 9:30am   Therese D'Aoust Ch        
  Loser to S35          
   Marg Woodley RA game:S20 at GR4        
    Thursday 1:30pm  Anne Howard Pte Claire      
    Glenda Stark RA Loser to S45        
  game:S8 at CH3          
  Thursday 9:30am  Anne Howard Pte Claire        
  Loser to S35          
   Anne Howard Pte Claire       game:S31 at RA3  
          Sunday 9:00am   Kenda Allen Highland CC
    Coco Comtois Navan       Loser OUT  
  game:S9 at CH1          
  Thursday 9:30am   Coco Comtois Navan        
  Loser to S36          
   Sandy Mazzotta OH game:S21 at RA2        
    Thursday 1:30pm   Gail Knight Plainfield      
    Gail Knight Plainfield Loser to S46        
  game:S10 at Navy1          
  Thursday 9:30am  Gail Knight Plainfield        
  Loser to S36          
   Karen Moon RA   game:S27 at OH1      
      Friday 1:00pm   Jen Curry Navy    
    Claudia Howard RA Riv   Loser to S63      
  game:S11 at RA1          
  Thursday 9:30am   Jen Curry Navy        
  Loser to S37          
   Jen Curry Navy game:S22 at CH3        
    Thursday 1:30pm  Jen Curry Navy      
    Dee Jenkins GR Loser to S46        
  game:S12 at RA2          
  Thursday 9:30am  Dee Jenkins GR        
  Loser to S37          
   Nicole Menzies RA Riv     game:S30 at RA5    
        Saturday 11:00am  Kenda Allen Highland CC  
    Terry Ananny RA Riv     Loser to S64    
  game:S13 at Navy2          
  Thursday 9:30am   Kenda Allen Highland CC        
  Loser to S38          
   Kenda Allen Highland CC game:S23 at GR1        
    Thursday 1:30pm   Kenda Allen Highland CC      
    Sue Mayotte Trend Arlington Loser to S47        
  game:S14 at Navy3          
  Thursday 9:30am  Sue Mayotte Trend Arlington        
  Loser to S38          
   Nicki Quintero GR   game:S28 at OH3      
      Friday 1:00pm  Kenda Allen Highland CC    
    Mary Jean Beddall RA Riv   Loser to S63      
  game:S15 at RA5          
  Thursday 9:30am   Mary Jean Beddall RA Riv        
  Loser to S39          
   Myra Carter Lach/Orms game:S24 at CH1        
    Thursday 1:30pm  Joanne Miller Royal Kingston      
    Vicki Einarsson RA Riv Loser to S47        
  game:S16 at GR4          
  Thursday 8:45am  Joanne Miller Royal Kingston        
  Loser to S39          
   Joanne Miller Royal Kingston