Bonspiel Rules

Curlers will be required to sign a Waiver per ONCURL.

Play will be governed by the rules of the Canadian Curling Association.

Special Bonspiel Regulations

Number of Games: Each team in the Regular Section is guaranteed a minimum of three games. Each team in the Seniors Section is guaranteed a minimum of three games.

Length of Games: All games, including the finals, in both the Open and Senior Divisions shall be eight ends in length, using the five-rock free guard zone rules.

30 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE END OF THE TWO HOURS, YOU MAY FINISH THE END IN PROGRESS AND PLAY ONE MORE END. NOTWITHSTANDING THE ABOVE, YOUR GAME MAY NOT EXCEED TWO HOURS. In the interest of maintaining schedules, when a team has run out of rocks the game must be ended. A team may concede the game at any time.

Breaking Ties: In the event of a tie, a draw to the button with sweepers (opposition may not sweep behind the tee-line) shall be played towards the main viewing area. A rock must be in the rings to count. If both teams’ rocks are outside the rings, or upon measurement it is impossible to determine which is closer, or if both cover the pin hole, a different player from each team throws again. This process is to be repeated as many times as required to reach a decision.

Practice Time: Due to scheduling requirements, no practice time will be permitted.

Marking Scores: To avoid confusion and possible error, please ensure that markers for final ends are posted on the score sheet for each game. If the last end is not completed, it is to be posted as a dead end. Skips are responsible for handing in the correct score sheet to the Club co-ordinator

Composition of Teams: Each team shall be composed of four women. All players in the Seniors section must be 60 years of age or over at start of bonspiel. A team cannot commence, nor continue to play, with less than three players. If a player is absent, the first two players shall play three stones each.

Substitutions: A maximum of two substitutes shall be permitted for a team in any one game and they may play any position. Substitutes need not be from the club who entered the team, but they must be persons who were not an original member of any other team at any time during the Bonspiel. Out of town teams in need of a substitute may call upon the draw chairperson for assistance.

Substitutes in the Seniors Section must be 60 years of age or over.

Special Bonspiel Conditions

Late Start: If a team is not ready to play at the hour designated for the game, one end shall be counted and one point awarded to the team present and ready to play, for each full period of ten (10) minutes it is kept waiting. The non-offending team shall have the last rock advantage in the end when play commences. If the waiting period exceeds thirty (30) minutes, the win will be awarded by default to the team present.

In the case of a default for any reason the opposing team is granted the win

Coin Toss: All team will flip at the start of each draw and the winner of the coin toss will have the choice of last or first rock. Rock colours will be pre-determined.

Any decisions rendered by the Chief Umpire with respect to the Bonspiel, including delays due to bad weather, shall be considered final.

Feedback: The Crystal Heart committee has made every effort to accommodate team requests and to ensure that the draw is fair and equitable for everyone. The committee welcomes any recommendations that would improve future events.